First graduation

My firstborn is now a graduate! Congratulations! :))

Oh, well, he graduated from the Day Care Laboratory based at the University of the Philippines Los Banos. See how happy he was on this day.

My firstborn has really grown, I can't deny that. And someday, he'll be a man. When that day comes, would he still be as sweet as he is now? Would he still cuddle up to me? Would he still kiss me every so often? Hmm, dapat lang! ;)

At home in LB
Graduation Day
March 19, 2009

meet doctor bugs

mother, mother, i am sick
call the doctor very quick!

good day! i am doctor bugs
what's bugging you, guys?
tell me, tell me huzz
and i'll have you off the buzz! ;)

PS: isn't he cute with those big blue round eyeglasses? ;)

February 2008
At home in Laguna

my kuya luke

Isn't it sweet to see them this way?

Luke is now a kuya, and my heart leaps with joy to see that Kuya Luke is very eager to take care of his li'l sis, Lois.

Lois was born a few days before Christmas, and the way things are going on in our modest home is a bit new and different for our kuya. But smart as he is, he didn't have a hard time adjusting to the new set up. Of course, he can not do away with the jelly thing, but only at the first instance he saw me feeding Lois on my breast. After explaining to him how things will be from that time on, he accepted it with his whole heart.

I can see and feel his brotherly love for his li'l sis. He is so sweet to his sister and always kisses her (and we always have to remind him to kiss on her feet ONLY). He also likes to pat her to sleep (although she is already asleep), and he knows which burp pad is for Lois, and which one is his.

I hope that as siblings, they would stay as sweet to each other even when they grow up. ;)

At home in Laguna
January 2008

reminiscing Tokyo

(Click on the image for a larger view)

I was browsing some old photos for my scrapbooking project (yup, mami is into it lately! oh, digital that is...) when I stumbled upon these cute photos of Luke while playing with a stray feather he found on the wide grounds of Shinjuku Gyoen in Tokyo, Japan.

Taken last December 2006, these photos make me want to go back to this nice place and feel the cool breeze all over. Oh, how I wish there's a winter in the Philippines, even just for one whole day...

cooling down at Tagaytay

It's already ber-month, but the heat is not yet over. So, we made a short but enjoyable road trip to Tagaytay City last weekend. The weather was perfect when we left Laguna, but while we were enjoying the cool breeze at Picnic Grove, the downpour left us running for safe shelter (but mami can't run, huh!). Then, we drove to Taal Vista Hotel, and there we had a more enjoyable time with nature despite some showers. Luke, most especially, had a good time walking up and down the greeny-and-slopy lawn of the hotel.

Look how happy we were ...

P.S. Layout design via Adobe Photoshop CS3 (and oh, I spent long hours for these, eh!)

the smile that makes me smile

i really love to look at my son's pictures. i'd spend the whole day scanning the picture folders of my laptop in search for the best shots that i intend to share with you. then i chanced upon this photoshop-designed photo of Luke that makes me smile as i remember the time when this pic was taken. he was about 1yr 4mos in this pic -- more than a year ago -- but i could still feel the fantastic shivers of being behind the camera as my son brings out his irresistible smile.

smile with me, folks! ;)

Sometime in June 2006
Kameari, Katsushika-ku
Tokyo, Japan

Life in the farm

So, Luke has a farm? Nope, he is just visiting the farm his grandpa is tilling since time immemorial. Spending a day in the farm at Dadi's beloved hometown in Lucban, Quezon surely means happy time, playing all around, making the entire farm a delightful playground, and with the luxury of being toured around via the carabao-pulled improvised transpo locally called "paragos".

With Luke are his cousins, and Tatay Rufino, and the ever loyal draft animal that helps Tatay do all the farm chores. ;)

Lucban, Quezon
Sometime in May 2007